Come learn how to improve the appearance and function of your C-section Scar and Shelf from C-section mom and Pregnancy Postpartum Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Lashonda Jones!

Whether you're 2 weeks or 20+ years postpartum, EVERY C-section mom can benefit from this workshop! It's Never too late to make improvements.

If you're unhappy with:

🔸 The appearance of your C-section scar

🔸 Having a C-section overhang/shelf

🔸 Your Scar being super sensitive or painful to touch

🔸 Experiencing back pain, or painful sex since having your


THIS Workshop is for you!!

Learn Step-by-Step How To:

🔸Improve C-section shelf/overhang

🔸 Flatten & improve the appearance of your scar

🔸 Reduce sensitivity, pain and numbness around your scar

🔸 Perform scar massage and cupping

🔸Indirect and direct scar mobiliation

🔸 Scar massage techniques to speed up your healing, reduce pain and numbness, and improve the appearance of your scar

🔸 Ease into touching & massaging your scar (if not mentally ready)

🔸 Wear garments and products to improve the appearance of your scar

**Q&A session included at the end of the replay**

This workshop is for educational purposes and not medical advice

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What Mamas Are Saying!

Everything that you want to know before and after you experience a major surgery in order to bring your little one into the world! This guide is so thorough, thoughtful, informative and most of all helpful. Who knew that massaging your scar was so important! It feels like Lashonda is there holding your hand and walking you through all of the expected and unexpected things that will or may happen as you are recovering from your C-section. Where the doctor drops you off, Lashonda picks you up and takes you from getting out of the bed to getting back to HIIT safely. Thank you so much for this awesome tool!!!

Christal W.

This workshop has lots of helpful information I wish I’d received from my doctor following my unplanned c-section. It includes helpful steps on scar desensitization and mobilization, how to start building back your core, and how to start exercising again. I’ve been following the scar mobilization steps and have seen definite progress in how it’s moving more normally and scar tissue is breaking up and not sticking to layers. So grateful!

Lisa T.

Dr. Lashonda is a thoughtful clinician with a wealth of experience and it shows within this guide! Every mother who has had a cesarean should have this information.

Dr. Juan Michelle Martin PT, DPT