This 90 min workshop recording covers:

🔸 Things that are causing you to look 4 months pregnant (when you’re not)

🔸 What things you should start OR stop doing based on your Diastasis

🔸 What is Diastasis Recti?

🔸 How to test yourself for Diastasis recti

🔸 How to know what variation/type of Diastasis recti you have

🔸 Sample exercises that can help each variation of Diastasis

This educational workshop is for you if:

🔸You know you have diastasis recti but feel lost on how to improve it

🔸 You’re working to heal your Diastasis but not seeing results

🔸 Want to reduce your tummy bulge and strengthen your core

🔸 You’ve been told surgery is the only way but you’d like to try and heal it naturally

🔸 Curious which type of Diastasis you have and what things you should start or stop doing to improve it

🔸 You’ve hit a plateau in your progress

🔸 One part of your Diastasis isn’t closing or improving

🔸 You want to learn what exercises can help improve the depth vs the width of your Diastasis

🔸 How your breathing patterns, posture, the exercises you’re doing or not doing, sucking in/gripping habits, nutrition, poor pressure management, hernia may be impacting your healing.

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