The go to online membership for pregnancy & postpartum moms

Access on demand workouts, workshops,

live trainings and more for your core and pelvic floor!

The Fit Mama Membership

An online membership program designed to help you rehab your body after babies and get back to feeling good!

Tired of feeling sluggish &

not like yourself?

Ready to ditch the pain, leaking or diastasis recti?

Desire to feel stronger and more confident in your body?

Needing expert guidance

& accountability


membership for you!!

Say Goodbye To...

  • Diastasis Recti
  • Core & pelvic floor weakness
  • Back, hip and pelvic pain
  • The C-section shelf
  • Leaking
  • Being stuck not seeing results

And Hello To...

A membership program designed to teach you how to successfully rehab your body after babies so you can feel strong and confident again!

No more trying to figure it out by yourself. Get LIVE Access to a Pelvic PT & Postpartum Trainer for guidance and support.

“I'm starting to love my body again! Before I would hide behind clothes but now I am learning to love and improve my body."

- Lisa T

What You Get Inside

The Fit Mama Membership

Diastasis Rehab

Get access to the self led version of the 8 week program designed to improve your Diastasis recti & strengthen your core and pelvic floor.


  • 40+ online education & exercise videos
  • Diastasis, core & pelvic floor rehab exercises
  • Nutrition guidance

Live Calls

Monthly members can participate in private live Q&A and education sessions with Dr. Lashonda to get all your questions answered.


  • Monthly Q & A calls
  • Education covering a pregnancy, postpartum, diastasis recti, & c-section recovery topics


Members receive full access to live workshop recordings covering a variety of pregnancy and postpartum topics


  • Learn Your Diastasis Type Workshop
  • C-section Scar Workshop

Mommy & Me Workout

Get back in shape post baby with this 20 min total body & cardio workout you can perform with or without baby


  • Exercise demos with & without baby
  • 20 min total body, cardio & core strengthening
  • Modifications & progressions

Strength & Cardio Workouts

6 Week "Get Your Core Tight" total body strength, cardio, & core strengthening workout program


  • 10-30 min workouts
  • Various level exercises
  • Modifications & Progression Options

Community & Accountability

Membership includes access to a community of like-minded moms for encouragement and support.


  • Monthly challenges
  • Accountability & Support towards your goals

No your body doesn't need "fixing"

Yes you can improve pain, leaking & diastasis recti

No surgery isn't the ONLY option

Yes there IS hope!!

How to Join

Monthly Access


3 month committment

  • Access month to month to programs and content (minus workshop recordings)
  • Month to month accountabilty, live trainings, guidance & support
  • Live workshop recordings

6 Month Access

$249/6 months

  • Access to months 1-6 programs, live workshops recordings and courses
  • 6 months access to live Q&A sessions and trainings
  • 6 months of accountability, guidance and support
  • Save $33 every 6 months

1 Year Access


  • Immediate access to ALL programs, workshops, and course
  • 1 year access to live Q&A sessions and trainings
  • Support all throughout your birth to postpartum journey and goals
  • Save $114 yearly

Postpartum is a journey. It took almost a year to have your baby, give yourself at least that to recover and feel good in your body again

What Mamas are saying!!

“ This has been a heaven sent program!! For the first time I'm truly starting to see a difference in my core!"


Mama of 2

“ I used to get so discouraged working out. NOW I'm excited to workout again to see what my "new and improved" body can do"


Mama of 4

“ I was so happy to ditch the Spanx! It's been over a year and I'm still seeing results!"


Mama of 2

Unfortunately, no one gives us a manual telling us how to heal our bodies after babies

But still and yet, you deserve to look and feel your best

Every mom (regardless of how far postpartum) should know the basics of how to strengthen and heal her core and pelvic floor, perform diaphragmatic breathing, safely return to exercise,

You shouldn't be left to figure this all out by yourself. I'm here to provide you with the education, accountability and support YOU deserve!

As a mom of 2 who's had to both heal her own Diastasis & rehab my core after an unplanned C-section. I know what it feels like to feel broken (when you're not) but also what it takes to feel strong, confident and HAPPY again.

I can't wait to support you towards your goals

Dr. Lashonda Jones PT, DPT, CPT, PCES

Ortho-Pelvic Physical Therapist and Pregnancy Postpartum Trainer

Mom of 2 post Vaginal and C-section birth

Successfully helped thousands of women heal their cores all over the world 🌎

Learn how to support and love your body through every season of motherhood

You deserve to look and feel your best!

Did you know....

It's NEVER too late to improve your Diastasis recti, leaking, urinary incontience, back pain or most postpartum symptoms?

You DON'T have to just

"live with it"

Everything you learn inside this membership will no only benefit you throughout pregnancy & postpartum BUT for the rest of your life!

The physical, mental, and spiritual strength you will gain will begin to show up in every area of your life.

The benefits are endless

If you do nothing to improve your Diastasis recti, painful sex, C-section shelf or leaking NOW you will continue to have it YEARS down the road.

So why not now?

Here are the facts

Pregnancy and postpartum don't just affect us physically; they have a significant impact on our mental and emotional well-being.

As a result, the postpartum period extends far beyond the routine 6-week check-up. Often, you find yourself prioritizing your family and work over your own needs.

That's why additional accountability and support could make a difference.

Despite societal pressure to quickly "bounce back," your goal is to move forward and grow stronger in your changing body. You want to feel like yourself again, recognizing that there's never a "perfect time" to begin – so why not start now?