5 Day Core Rehab Challenge

Tired of looking pregnant when you're not? Ready to beat the bloat, heal your Diastasis, & feel confident in your body again?

If so, get ready for your 5 Day Diastasis Recti Healing Challenge to begin!

- Feeling frustrated by a lack of results?

- You have tons of Diastasis exercises saved BUT still feel lost on what to do?

- Confused if you’re breathing or doing the exercises correctly ?

- Struggle bloating and back pain?

- Struggle with your nutrition & deal with bloating?

- Fear what you’re doing is making things worse?

If YES, le'ts fix that!

Here's what to expect inside the challenge

Day 1: Learn how your posture is impacting your diastasis and how to improve it

Day 2: Learn how to properly perform 360 degree diaphragmatic breathing & engage with your core and pelvic floor muscles

Day 3: Learn how to engage and strengthen your core WHILE you're working out and lifting

Day 4: Access a Full length Level 1 Core Strengthening Workout with cues & demo

Day 5: Learn how your nutrition & bloating impacts your diastasis + tips on how to improve it

PLUS Access to my Free DR Support Group with lots more videos and resources there!

5 short videos sent straight to your inbox over the next 5 days.

Join Now for INSTANT access!

$ 40.00 $24.99

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