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Diastasis Recti?

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If you’re a mama who’s grown frustrated with:

  • Dieting & exercising but STILL having a “pooch”
  • Looking pregnant months or YEARS after giving birth
  • Back pain and weak core
  • Trying a little of everything but NOT getting results

Then this program is for YOU!

Learn step by step how to heal your Diastasis and feel good in your body again!

Welcome to the

8 Week Diastasis Recti

Core Rehab Program !!

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Pregnancy can do a number on our bodies. Unfortunately, without the proper rehab Diastasis recti can continue for months even YEARS after having babies.

  • If you’ve had multiple pregnancies
  • Gave birth to multiple babies at once
  • Had larger size babies
  • Over the age of 35

Then you may have a condition that over two– thirds of pregnant women get called Diastasis Recti (DR) abdominal separation, but there IS hope!

Diastasis is a condition that looks DIFFERENT on everyone

That's why doing random exercises you see on Youtube and social media doesn't work for everyone.

Unlike generic social media posts that lack personalization, everything within the program is crafted to guide you step-by-step, offering specific exercises tailored to your unique body and the variation of diastasis you are dealing with. This ensures that you can achieve lasting results!

8 Week Diastasis Recti Core Rehab Program

1 Program, 3 client Options:

Self led, Group, and 1-on-1

Program Includes:

  • Online PT consultations for DR assessment & custom rehab plan **
  • Live group trainings to perform exercises with Dr. Lashonda **
  • Private messaging access with Dr. Lashonda **
  • 40+ Exercises and education videos
  • Deep core and total body strengthening exercises
  • Pelvic floor strengthening and relaxing exercises
  • Posture, breathing, alignment correction videos
  • Ab gripping, wide ribcage & rib flare correction exercises
  • Total body and low impact cardio workouts
  • Nutrition guidance to reduce bloating & promote healing
  • Early postpartum exercises
  • Private support and accountability group

** Included only if you sign up as a group or 1-on-1 client. Investment starts as low as $297


Feel Strong and Confident Again!

(click > arrow to see the progress of moms with various size diastasis, hernias, and body types)

Regain confidence in

yourself and your body!

Have Less Pain!

Less Fear and More Freedom with Exercise!

Whether you are 10 weeks or 10+ years Postpartum


Here are the hard but loving facts

Having Diastasis Recti not only impacts your core but also your confidence. Therefore you:

  • Hide behind oversized clothes
  • Feel broken and defeated
  • Feel unmotivated to workout
  • Have convinced yourself surgery may be the only way

You're ready for a change but you....

  • Don't know where to start
  • Have a habit of starting & stopping
  • Have no idea what exercises you should or shouldn't do
  • Are not sure if you're doing the exercises correctly

One of the reasons I'm so passionate about this program is because I remember how lost & frustrated I felt while trying to heal my own Diastasis.

I was overwhelmed by:

❌ My changing postpartum body

❌ What exercises were safe vs unsafe to do

❌ Trying to figure things out on my own

I know First hand what it's like to:

❌ Lack confidence

❌ Feel broken

❌ Not recognize your body anymore

I also know what it's like to:

❤️ Love myself through it

❤️ Heal my own body from the inside out

❤️ Feel happy and whole again

Now that I'm on the other side, healed and back to feeling like ME again, I can confidently say:

YES!! Diastasis recti can be improved with:

✔ Targeted exercises for your body

✔ Progressively strengthening your core

✔ Not giving up on your postpartum recovery!

If it feels like nobody understands what you're going through...I do!

I personally know this program works because it's EXACTLY what I did to heal myself and help hundreds of other moms.

I can't wait to help you regain your confidence and feel good in your own body again.

~Dr. Lashonda Jones


Not every woman can afford or even need that to make improvements to your Diastasis.

And even if you surgery is needed, it's proven that strengthening your core and pelvic floor before & after surgery can greatly improve your recovery and results.

You have everything to gain & NOTHING to lose.

Diastasis Recti Program Comparison Chart




  • Full program access to 40+ step-by-step on demand exercise/education videos (value $297)
  • Pre-recorded guided assessment showing you step by step how to assess your own diastasis, breathing, posture, and diastasis type
  • Lifetime access for the life of the program
  • 1 on 1 consultations & customized plan from Dr. Lashonda
  • Group training classes to perform exercises & receive feedback
  • Private messaging access to Dr. Lashonda for additional guidance and support




or 2 payments of $450

  • Full program access to 40+ step-by-step on demand exercise/education videos (value $297)
  • Pre-recorded guided assessment showing you step by step how to assess your own diastasis, breathing, posture, and diastasis type
  • Four 1-Hr GROUP training classes. Perform program exercises together & receive individual feedback from Dr. Lashonda in a group class (value $600)
  • Lifetime access for the life of the program
  • 1 on 1 consultations or custom plan from Dr. Lashonda Jones
  • Private messaging access to Dr. Lashonda for additional guidance and support




or 2 payments of $1,100

  • Full program access to 40+ step-by-step on demand exercise/education videos (value $297)
  • 2- 1 Hour initial & final consultations performed by Dr. Lashonda assessing your Diastasis, breathing. posture & full body to provide you with an individual customized training plan (value $600)
  • Three additional 1-on-1 training sessions. Perform exercises & assessment on a Live call with Dr. Lashonda. Receive individual guidance, feedback and progressions (value $800)

** If your Diastasis is 4 fingers wide or larger I recommend signing up as a group or 1 on 1 client for best results**

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Breakdown of What's Included

1-on-1 Consultations:

These are online face to face calls with Dr. Jones to assess your Diastasis, posture, breathing, and ability to engage your deep core and pelvic floor. I assess everything from head to toe for any muscle or structural imbalances, & muscle weakness that could be keeping your diastasis from healing. You will receive a customized plan of exercises to perform based on your individual needs to help you improve your diastasis & reach your goals

1-on-1 Training Sessions:

If you ever wished you had someone to tell you if you're doing the exercises right this is your chance! I will work with you 1-on-1 doing the workouts inside the program together and providing you with feedback, modifications and progressions so you feel confident and see continual progress

Live Group Training Sessions:

This option is for both 1:1 & Group Clients. This is your chance to perform actual exercises from inside the program with me alongside the other moms. Receive live feedback on your exercise form & get all your questions answered. These sessions are normally held during a week night 7-8 pm ET or weekend Sunday 2-3 pm ET. Live call are my client's FAVORITE part of the program!

Nutrition Guidance:

If you struggle with bloating, poor eating habits, nutrition deficiencies that may be impacting your DR then our nutrition guide/coaching will help! I break down how to properly identify foods that maybe causing the bloating & how to proper eliminate & replace them in your diet (to avoid nutrition deficiencies). This will also include healthy eating guidance with additional nutrition counseling available at an additional cost.

Weekly Guidance Accountability/Emails:

It's so easy to buy online programs & never follow through. I provide weekly guidance/accountability emails to tell you exactly what to focus on each week so that you stay the course. As long as you show up for yourself I will 110% show up for you!

Private Messaging Access:

All 1 on 1 clients will have 9-5 access to me Mon-Fri to ask questions, receive additional weekly accountability, Nutrition check-ins/guidance and more! Having this extra accountability throughout the program is PRICELESS!

Still not sure if it's worth it??? Hear what these moms had to say!

Frequently asked questions

Are results guaranteed?

Results depend greatly upon a variety of things like the severity of your Diastasis, any additional health complications, past medical history, and dedication to doing the program as recommended. Clients who are the most consistent with their workouts and my recommendations see the best results. I will do everything in my power to ensure your success BUT the outcome is really up to you. Each mom is starting from various sizes of their DR, have different commitments, and may have other medical conditions to consider. Therefore each woman’s healing may be different. You should begin to see improvements as fast as 2 weeks into the program but you may need to do more than 1 round to get the full results you desire. There is NO RUSH, it’s all about getting good results.

If I do self led will I get the same results as a high level 1 on 1?

It depends. If you're highly motivated, self directed and will commit to the program without need for additional accountability then you should do great as a self led client. Results will vary (at any client level) based on level of commitment and consistency, the severity of your Diastasis, genetics, your nutrition habits, if you're still nursing, how far postpartum you are, etc. All client success stories above are of clients from all 3 levels. But if at any point you feel you would benefit from additional accountability, a 1-on-1 call with Dr, Jones or a live group session you can add it on at anytime.

What if I've been told surgery is my ONLY option to heal?

Unfortunately many women are told this due to a lack of knowledge about physical therapy & postpartum training options that provide an progressive/ comprehensive approach. My program and clients are PROOF that you can improve your Diastasis "naturally" and that surgery is not the *only* option. So not only will your Diastasis improve but so will your overall strength, health, knowledge of your body, posture awareness, leaking, and confidence in all the things your body CAN do. NO surgery is going to provide you that. Even if you do opt or have a need for surgery, rehab before and after will only IMPROVE the outcomes of your surgery. So you joining this program is a WIN WIN.

What if it's been several months or years since I gave birth?

Whether it's been 10 months or 10+ years since you've given birth, it's NEVER too late to make improvements to your core. Improving Diastasis recti requires strengthening of your core muscles and linea alba tissue. I teach you how to progressively load your core which can help both strengthen your core and thicken and the linea alba tissue. I've helped moms 15+ years postpartum get results. If you're willing to commit to the process you will see improvements. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I've tried other programs & exercises but didn't see a difference. What makes your program different?

There are tons of different programs and exercise videos you can follow on YouTube & Social Media on Diastasis but none of them are customized to YOU. Diastasis is a WHOLE body issue that requires a thorough assessment of your individual posture, body alignment, muscle imbalances, pelvic floor function, connective tissue integrity, & ability to activate and strengthen the RIGHT muscles in order to properly help your core. That's what my program provides. If you've only been doing breathing exercises or easy exercises lying on your back then I guarantee you haven't challenged your core enough to see actual results. My program provides you targeted exercises for your individual Diastasis type and get you back to exercising and living life without Diastasis holding you back.

Do you take insurance/HSA/FSA?

I do not take insurance. I have had several clients in the past who have used their HSA allowance and sometimes received reimbursement based on their HSA policies. If that's an option for you I would recommend reaching out to them and ask if they cover anything along the lines of postpartum rehab or fitness training. The education and training provided in this program is not considered as physical therapy. If wishing to have physical therapy with Dr. Jones you must be a resident of North Carolina. Anyone globally can do this online program.

Can I still benefit from this program if I have an umbilical hernia?

As long as you're not experiencing pain or signs of entrapment at the site of your hernia you should be ok to participate in this program. If you've already had a repair you are free to join as long as you have your doctor's clearance. Many women have successfully completed this program and seen good results even with a hernia present as I go over principles such as breathing, posture, pressure management, and proper engagement of your deep core ALL which are beneficial to help reduce the severity and protect an existing hernia. If fearful that exercise will make it worse that's the benefits of having access to me to ask questions and get guidance anytime.

Would this program help if I had a C-Section?

Absolutely!! I too am a C-birth mama so I know 1st hand how the surgery (and pregnancy in itself) can effect your core AND pelvic floor. Did you know that the linea alba tissue is actually torn in order for the doctor/midwife to reach your uterus and deliver the baby?! Therefore research shows c-birth moms are more likely to have DR than those who delivered vaginally. Even if the abdominal separation is not apparent you could still benefit from the inner and outer core strengthening, c-section scar mobilization, total body strengthening, breathing and posture education I provide in this program. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Can I do these workouts anywhere & anytime

Yes, you can access your printable guides & workout videos from any device and perform them at your leisure

How long are the workouts?

They range from 20-30 minutes depending on how many rounds you do & what level you’re at in the program

How long is the program?

8 Weeks. After that you have the option to continue monthly 1:1 consultations or transition into my monthly membership program for ongoing accountability, additional program access & more

Will I be fully healed after 8 weeks? How long does it take to heal Diastasis recti?

You can begin to see lasting visible results anywhere from 6-8 weeks if you’re being consistent. Deeper results like fascial reconstruction can take 6 months to a year. Every woman’s healing time is different but the key is to give your best and be consistent to see the best results. For 8 weeks you have access to me for questions, coaching, & performance of program as a group. Once 8 weeks are up you have access to the program to repeat as many times as you need to heal for up to 1 year. It’s not a race…the key is to heal in your timing.

Will the Diastasis return once I stop doing the program? How long will the results last?

No the Diastasis does not automatically open again/return once you stop doing the program. The principles I'm teaching you like diaphragmatic breathing, correctly engaging/strengthening your core, & practicing good posture habits are things you will want to continue for life to keep you healthy, pain-free and strong. So you won't necessarily need to follow my specific program or keep "healing your Diastasis" forever but in order to maintain the strength gains you achieve throughout the program I highly recommend practicing the principles & incorporating the exercises into your normal exercise routine. But NO your Diastasis will not reverse just because you're no longer doing the program.

What if I'm planning to have more kids? Is it better to do the program AFTER you’re done having children?

If planning to have more children I HIGHLY recommend doing the program now. If you already have an open diastasis and weak core and you do nothing about it now the likelihood of you having a more severe diastasis is higher because those muscles will only get more lengthened and weaker. So if you work on the diastasis and strengthen your core now you will go into your pregnancy stronger and with the knowledge of what you need to do to reduce the severity of the diastasis throughout the pregnancy AND after you deliver your baby. It's a win win to heal your current diastasis now.

Will I have access to the program after 8 weeks?

Yes! You get lifetime access to all videos, guides & tutorials unless you're accessing the program through the monthly membership then access is based on the length of your membership. There is NO RUSH for you to complete the program in 8 weeks as I understand that life happens as a mom so therefore you can resume and perform the program at your own leisure anytime. If needing continued 1:1 guidance after the 8 weeks you can reach out to Dr. Jones to set up a call.

What equipment will I need?

Light and Medium Dumbbells (5 to 15 pounds)

Long Resistance Bands with handles and door attachment strap

Set of loop booty bands

Small yoga ball (or kids ball)

Stability Ball

Foam Roll

Chair &/or a Step

You can see all the recommended equipment HERE

Are the exercises for your core only?

No. Because Diastasis is a whole body issue we strengthen & stretch the whole body depending on your individual needs seen on assessment

Can I still lift weights and continue my other workouts?

I recommend holding on current workouts for at least the 1st 2 weeks of the program to have an better assessment of your needs & lay down a strong foundation of proper breathing, movement patterns, deep core muscle connection and engagement. After that's established you're welcome to resume any other workouts including weight lifting as long as you're able to transition the foundational concepts into your workouts & they don’t aggravate your symptoms, cause pain or excessive conning.

Do you cover Nutrition?

Absolutely! Poor gut health, dehydration, and imbalanced nutrition can all contribute to bloating and poor tissue healing and muscle repair. I provide a nutrition guide that teaches you how to reduce bloating foods, improve tissue healing, and improve overall balanced healthier eating. This is not a weight loss program but if healthy weight loss is apart of your goals we have additional meals plans and nutrition coaching available to help you reach your goals.

How does the program work?

Once you gain access to the program you will either have a virtual 1-on-1 consultation with Lashonda OR access a pre-recorded guided assessment. This assessment will give us insight into the width/depth of your diastasis, postural habits, breathing patterns, core strength, muscle imbalances, pelvic floor function & ability to engage and strengthen your deep and outer core muscles. You will then be guided step-by-step through the 3 phase program to begin the journey of healing your core. You will have check-off list, suggested calendar, & a guide based on your individual assessment to follow guiding you on what specific exercises you need to work on to improve your DR and core. You can access the pre-recorded videos from any device at ANY time at your own convenience. You will have access to Dr. Jones inside her private accountability group to ask questions, get daily accountability, & provided extra healing tips. **The only pre-determined virtual meet up times are for live trainings which are generally held Wednesday evenings at 7 pm EST or Sunday ~1-3 pm EST if you are a group or 1-on-1 client (this can be flexible based on the needs of the current clients)**

What to Expect After You Sign Up?

After signing you will immediately receive your welcome email into your inbox. Inside will be your intake form to submit your photos, measurements & any important medical information. Once signed you will get EARLY access to the program that you can access ANYTIME to jump right in & start healing. Once the program begins we will start with a program "kick off call" to help you ease into the program and kick off your healing. All 1:1 consultations & live group training sessions will be scheduled