Learn Your Diastasis Type Workshop (REPLAY)

$ 47.00

NOTE: This is the REPLAY of the live training call with Q&A included at the end. Once you purchase there will be a link for you to watch and download the replay. It will also be sent to your email as well. You can LIFETIME access to the download but link will expire in 1 week so please be sure to download.

Did you know there were 4 different variations of Diastasis recti? And based on the type of Diastasis recti you have there are some things you may want to start or stop doing?

Diastasis is a condition that can look DIFFERENT on every person, therefore what exercises you need to see improvement vary depending on your Diastasis type.

This lack of understanding often leaves moms feeling frustrated & hopeless…feeling surgery is the ONLY option. But it’s NOT!

You just need a Tailored Approach

Join Doctor of Physical Therapy & Diastasis Expert Dr. Lashonda Jones for a 60 minute workshop to learn how to improve the appearance of your tummy and begin healing your Diastasis by identifying what type of Diastasis recti you have and what specific things you should start or stop doing to improve it.

**If you’re unable to make it at this time, no worries. Recording will be available!

This workshop will cover

🔸 Things that are causing you to look 4 months pregnant (when you’re not)

🔸 What things you should start OR stop doing based on your Diastasis

🔸 What is Diastasis Recti?

🔸 How to test yourself for Diastasis recti

🔸 How to know what variation/type of Diastasis recti you have

🔸 Sample exercises that can help each variation of Diastasis

With the opportunity to ask any questions at the end!

This educational workshop is for you if:

🔸 You would like to reduce your tummy bulge and strengthen your core

🔸 You’ve been told surgery is the only way but you’d like to try and heal it naturally

🔸 Would like to see an improvement in your appearance and feel better in your body

🔸 You’re working to heal your Diastasis but not seeing results

🔸You know you have diastasis recti but feel lost on how to improve it

🔸 Curious which type of Diastasis you have and what things you should start or stop doing to improve it

🔸 You’ve hit a plateau in your progress

🔸 One part of your Diastasis isn’t closing or improving

🔸 You want to learn what exercises can help improve the depth vs the width of your Diastasis

🔸 How your breathing patterns, posture, the exercises you’re doing or not doing, sucking in/gripping habits, nutrition, poor pressure management, hernia may be impacting your healing.

This workshop will be recorded for those who can’t attend live and there will be lifetime access to the recording.

By registering for this workshop you agree to the terms of use & understand no refunds will be given.

This workshop is not intended for professionals. A future in depth Masterclass will be offered to help you help your clients with Diastasis.

This workshop is for educational purposes and not medical advice**.

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